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About Punjab

Punjab Holiday Packages

One of the largest and most beautiful states in India, Punjab is located in Northern India. This state has been witness to the migration and resettlement of people of various races and faiths, thereby creating a smorgasbord of culture, history and heritage, which can be explored very well via Punjab tour packages.

 In fact, the very first traces of human civilization were found in Punjab. The name Punjab was given to it for the simple reason of there being 5 rivers here, namely the Jhelum, Beas, Chenab, Sutlej and Ravi. Of these Chenab and Jhelum are in the Punjab province of Pakistan, whereas the other three are in the Indian part of Punjab.

Places to visit in Punjab

Travelers visiting this beautiful state are sure to want to stay longer, since there are plenty of attractions here to appease even the most finicky of visitors, people from all walks of life as well as travelers looking for solo trips, honeymoon trips, family vacations or a soiree with friends. Pick the perfect  Punjab tour package itinerary  for you, based on your requirements. Some of the must visit cities here include:

1. Amritsar

This is one of the most popular places to visit in Punjab, and is sure to be a part of any  Punjab tour itinerary  that you book. The Golden Temple, the most important pilgrimage stop for Sikhs, is located in Amritsar, along with several monuments that remind one of the sacrifices made by the people of this state when fighting for freedom. Jalianwala Bagh is one such example, where hundreds of innocent people were shot and killed by British troops despite it being a quiet, non-violent protest. The Wagah border is nearby, since Punjab is right on the border with Pakistan, where you can get to see the changing of the guards and hosting of the national flag from both India and Pakistan.

2. Chandigarh

A superb destination to spend a few days at when availing your  Punjab holiday packages.  This is a modern city that is the official capital of Punjab as well as Haryana, two states that have a lot of similarities with each other. Chandigarh is where you can come to relax for a while, in the lap of luxury. This is also the last stop before you hit the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, but that is not it’s only calling. There are plenty of attractions here in Chandigarh, such as the Rock Garden, Timber Trail, International Dolls Museums, Rose Garden, Cactus Garden and Sukhna Lake among others.

3. Rupnagar

Although not a very popular destination in Punjab, Rupnagar, also called as Ropar, is famed for being the historic site where traces of the indus Valley Civilization were found. It is a haven for those looking for excavation sites, relics of an age gone by and an opportunity to explore the remnants of the oldest civilization in the world. Since it is close to Chandigarh, it is easy to visit it on a day trip as well, as part of your  Punjab tour plan.

4. Ludhiana

The biggest state in Punjab, Ludhiana is famed for its textile industry. So it is a good place to head for those in love with shopping. You can purchase apparel, footwear and accessories here at very nominal rates. Other attractions in Ludhiana include The Phillaur Fort, Lodhi Fort, Tiger Zoo, Deer Park and Nehru Rose Garden, making it a must visit on your  Punjab trip package.

5. Pathankot

A famed destination in Punjab, Pathankot is much loved because it is a point where Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Jammu, and Punjab meet. The scenic views are sure to make you fall in love with the destination. But that is not all, there are in fact plenty of amazing attractions here as well, such as the Ranjit Sagar Dam, Mukteshwar Temple, Kathgarh Temple, Shahpurkandi Fort and Nurpur Fort among others.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Punjab can be said to be during the months of October to March, when the weather is pleasant and the torrential rains have passed through, leaving behind a greener than ever landscape. This is when the  Punjab holiday packages  are most availed.


The months of April to June constitute the summer months of Punjab. The average temperature reaches around 45°C during this time, rarely dropping beyond 32°C during the day time. This is not a very good time for availing  Punjab tour packages,  since sightseeing is sure to become a hassle during the summers.


The winter season of Punjab arrives in October and lasts until March, with the average temperature dipping down to 26°C during the day time and on occasions to 0°C in the night. This is actually the best time to explore the state since the cold will not interfere with day trips and sightseeing tours, in fact the dipping temperature will give rise to misty fields that are a delight to look at. A lot of festivals, such as Lohri is celebrated during this time, which are great for a tourist to participate in. It also helps that Punjab is known for having very friendly locals, who go out of their way to help out others.


The monsoon season, one of the most ferocious in all of India, lasts from July to September. This is not a great time to visit Punjab because the rains definitely create havoc when planning your  Punjab tour package itinerary.  The rains can start at any time, and can last for hours.

How to Reach Punjab?

There are plenty of ways to reach Punjab, out of which the best option is to take a flight to one of the airports here. The main airports of Punjab include the ones in Ludhiana and Chandigarh, which are both domestic airports, offering great connectivity to most parts of the country. There is one in Amritsar as well, which offers international flight connectivity to select locations, thereby proving to be best for international visitors who have taken  Punjab tourism packages.

Depending on your starting location, traveling to Punjab by road is also a great option. The roads are mostly well-built and maintained, thereby ensuring that getting there will not be an issue. The extensive network of roads in Punjab has its biggest player in NH1, which connects it to East India as well as the far reaches of North East India.

You can also choose to travel to Punjab by train. There is an extensive rail network in Punjab that connects it to various parts of the country. Railway stations are present in most large and small cities, with the smaller, more rural towns being connected by road. The main railway station here include the ones in Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Pathankot, Ludhiana, Amritsar and so on.


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